Cre8tiv Juice Group  | Brand Design - Miami Beach

Cre8tiv Juice Group helps to build brands that are sustainable from their core. Since 1996 we have helped companies and organizations create award-winning brands through strategic positioning, creative development and targeted execution.

At Cre8tiv Juice Group we understand that the right connection is the reason some brands thrive while others fail. To connect brands must resonate, react and relate to the customers who endorse them. We respect that every touch point a customer has with a brand is an opportunity for authenticity, creativity and greatness. We partner with a brand’s ownership, marketing or communication teams to create the tools to strategically and creatively position their brand to thrive. Our goal is to help our client partners create the visual, verbal and behavioral culture required to produce optimal success for their brand.


Mauricio Giammattei characterizes himself as a serial entrepreneur with a strong sense of passion for the things he does. Many times, that sense of passion gets ahead of him, and he has to build the concept to support his big picture ideas. These forces have been intertwining over the course of his 25+ years in building brands for blue chip companies like Coca-Cola, Exxon LTN, the Mayo Clinic, the Museum for Contemporary Art and more. This experience manifested itself into his branding firm Cre8tiv Juice Group, which he started with Kevin Kelsick in 1996. His most recent endeavors include MoK2, a sustainable brand strategy firm; Opt2Go, a greenhouse gas exchange; and EcoArt South Florida, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting ecological art and artists in South Florida. Mauricio’s plethora of roles includes partner, chief operating office, chief financial officer, manager, account executive, chairman, salesman, cheerleader, creator and therapist. In short: a brander.

Kevin Kelsick has been a designer of brands, entrepreneurial success, consumer perceptions and communication touch points for more than 25 years. Having worked with brands like American Express, ESSO, FedEx and Disney, alongside agencies like Burson Marstellar, Wunderman Cato Johnson and Young & Rubicam, he is well versed in the intricacies of creative branding and propaganda. Since 1996, Kevin has focused his passion on his role as partner and creative director at brand design firm Cre8tiv Juice Group, executing award-winning branding for an impressive list of world-renowned brands. Both himself and Mauricio Giammattei, have dedicated themselves to the delivery of messages that matter, whether it be their sustainable brand consultation firm MoK2, which helps brands “walk the talk” for the planet and people in it; or Cre8tiv Juice Group, which serves to create powerful brands through strategic and creative communication programs that produce optimal success for those involved.