Cre8tiv Juice Group  | Brand Design - Miami Beach

It takes several key components to breathe life into a new brand. Positioning and strategy, a targeted name, research, testing, linguistic assessment, trademark /domain evaluation and much more. This all happens even before the development of a logo. In addition to marketing and advertising, we can develop strategic communication tools such as brand literature, venue specific branding, signage programs and event branding. Creating a new brand requires process, intuition and leaps of faith. Cre8tiv Juice Group’s experience and creative resources can set new brands in motion through effective launch strategies and sustained brand support.

Changing or evolving an existing brand takes targeted research and customized, effective communication to your consumers. Through a process of customer definition and creative development, we can help your brand evolve while engaging existing and new customers. Another important part of enhancing a brand is developing areas into which it can grow. We can help develop new revenue centers and product offerings, which can be essential to ensuring long-term viability and profitability.