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From Local to National
The strategy of brand expansion

Dade Paper Co.

Dade Paper is a premier supplier of paper, plastic, foam, chemical, janitorial and sanitation supplies servicing the Southeast United States, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean since 1939. Dade Paper assumed an aggressive growth plan to increase their distributorship into the Northeast. This goal required a targeted approach to effectively reach purchasing agents who are often underexposed to direct brand messaging.

Cre8tiv Juice Group evolved the brand's identity, on-site presence, company communications, product positioning and packaging. We then developed a strategic direct mail campaign with targeted execution that served as an introduction to the brand while delivering its distinct personality.

  • Brand Growth Strategy
  • Brand Analysis & Positioning
  • Sub-Brand Development
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Brand Communications
  • Advertising Campaign Development
  • New Revenue Center Development
  • Marketing
  • Packaging Design

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