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Connecting Authentically With A Niche
Redefining Law School Enrollment With A Highly Targeted Campaign

CUNY School of Law, New York

Around the nation, law schools are facing an ever-increasing threat of declining admissions. CUNY School of Law in New York was no exception to this trend. However, when it comes to social justice, CUNY law is a definite exception. They are not only the #1 public interest law school in the country, but they are the most diverse and also the most affordable. The school of law sought our help to develop an enrollment campaign. This campaign needed to authentically convey the school's many exceptional attributes to a relatively small and diverse group of potential students. This was no minor undertaking for an institution that is inherently averse to mainstream marketing and advertising. In the words of the dean, "if [we] came back with a marketing campaign, [we] would have failed." Our mission was to authentically represent the unique spirit and value of this acclaimed institution to highly critical prospective students who would quickly disparage a slick advertising campaign.

In our work, we have been inspired over and over again by the passion of the faculty, administration and most of all the students, as they passionately use the law as the agent for change that it is. By identifying their very niche audience, we developed a series of targeted outreach mechanisms that are - above all - authentic, relatable and even altruistic. Our goal is to ignite the passion of prospective students by connecting them to the power of the law as a tool for efficacy. By focusing on the issues that matter, we were able to convey the spirit and mission of the school in a way that resonates with this anti-establishment group of world-changers.

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